Mitcom Sdn Bhd

A specialist in multimedia communications system, Mitcom Sdn Bhd has established itself as the front runner in the industry since its inception in January 2002.

Focused on delivering managed solutions for video conferencing and audio visual needs, Mitcom’s unique competitive difference lies in this – the company understands that to deliver a workable solution is to deliver what is the fundamental demand of today’s users – a video and audio experience of unsurpassed quality, reliability and cost efficiency.

Mitcom has been able to meet and exceed this fundamental requirement with a winning combination of complementing cutting edge technologies with a dedicated, in-house team of engineers and software developers. In addition, Mitcom works synergistically with a group of technology and associate partners – a move that not only maximizes the company’s potential, but also stands Mitcom in good stead and a few giant steps ahead of the ever-changing, fast-paced multimedia communications industry.

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